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Hello My Fellow Martial Artists:

Please read the following information so there will be no misunderstanding about the ordering process by anyone who purchases my equipment.

I now construct dummies "On Demand" which means that I construct the equipment after I receive your order.

Normally, once a PVC order is placed, it is shipped in 7-10 days. Stacked dummies usually ship within 14 days. Custom orders generally follow the same guidelines as the PVC and stacked dummy orders . . . but not always. It depends on the amount of requested customizing I have to do to the equipment to fit the customer's special need. I do a lot of extras at no extra cost for my customers especially if I can do the work without substantially changing my work routine.

I do not carry a large quantity of raw materials in my shop inventory anymore so all of my jongs are "made to order" now. Besides, because of the relatively short "build time," having a lot of raw materials lying around is not necessary. Also I work out of a small shop and don't have room for finished jongs, therefore I do not keep any dummies "in stock." In essense, you'll still get equiment from me quicker than you would from any reseller.

I produce a decent, sturdy, and affordable portable unfinished wooden stand as well as a very good unfinished wooden wall stand for those who prefer a traditional mounted dummy.

The Great Lion Co. has been continuously in business for over twenty-five years manufacturing wooden and PVC dummies. We have constructed many types of dummies including a number of custom-made jongs. We know our business and will construct a quaility dummy for any customer who orders from us. If you have any questions, just email me, Sifu Clark Thornton, at greatlionco@gmail.com for a quicker response. Thanks. 


Contact me directly by:
Email: greatlionco@gmail.com or info@woodendummy.net 
Phone: 706-865-7789 (messaging)

        Sifu Clark Thornton