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About the Freestanding PVC Dummy

The freestanding "stacked" and "PVC" dummies represent a step forward in the evolution of the traditional muk yang jong. In the beginning, as part of student temple training, the wooden dummy was planted in the ground. There was little movement in the arms, leg and no movement in the body. It was truly a “dead dummy". Over the years, the simple moves practiced on the dummy evolved into more complex sets of both hand and leg techniques and eventually into the wooden dummy forms you see today.

As the story goes, when Yip Man, the last Grandmaster of Wing Chun, moved to Hong Kong, he lived in a small apartment with little room and no place to “plant" a dummy in the ground surrounding his apartment, so his students “hung" the dummy on a stand mounted to a wall. This type of jong not only had arms and a leg which moved slightly, but also the dummy bounced forward and backward on the support slats while the slats moved laterally right and left about an inch or so on what was then called a "slotted or notched" stand. The dummy was held straight upright by stop blocks placed about one-half inch out on each side of the dummy on the slats, top and bottom. Since the death of Yip Man, and then the retirement of Koo Sang, the “King of Jongs," in 1995, the manufacture of dummies spread around the world. In 1990 The Great Lion Company was the first company to commercially sell the dummy with a portable stand in the U.S. Further invention by The Great Lion Co. gave practitioners the space saving corner stand, and the list of innovative products goes on.

As part of the evolving nature of the jong, we are proud to present the next generation of Wing Chun Dummies, the “freestanding dummies".

These unique dummies stand on their own legs and are adjustable to different heights to accommodate the different heights of individual practitioners. The arm and front leg placement is exactly the same as on the traditional dummies. There is a full 360 degree workout radius. The front leg serves as both a kicking leg and a supporting leg.

The new "stacked" wooden dummies not only present an exotic design but are very good examples of what you can do with common woods indiginous to North America. These freestanding style dummies are just as good as the more expensive models sold in China and elsewhere. The specifications are exactly the same as those of the traditional style dummies but without the need for a "mounting stand."

The "PVC" dummies are very stable cannot be tipped even with the strongest blows and kicks unless deliberately done so. These freestanding dummies can be mounted on optional swivel lock wheels which allow the dummy to move in different directions according to the locking pattern utilized with the wheels. This type of construction also lets you measure the amount of snapping energy applied by measuring the distance the dummy moves away from you when in the unlocked position. The various locking patterns of the wheels also allow the practitioner to practice more advanced footwork not available with traditional dummies. The Great Lion Company is totally committed to the improvement of the art of wooden dummy manufacture and to providing practitioners with the best equipment possibly at a reasonable price.