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Traditional Wing Chun Stacked Dummy

  • Traditional stacked WC dummy w/round steel leg
  • Traditional stacked WC dummy trunk---front view
  • Traditional stacked WC dummy trunk---angle view

Product Description

The traditional style stacked wooden dummy is another in a long line of great jongs produced by The Great Lion Company. It comes with a solid wooden body composed of stacked wooden sections, three solid hardwood arms, a round steel leg, two oak support slats, four stop blocks, and four stop pegs. It's unusual design and figure is exotic but attractive. The standard color for all stacked dummies is golden oak.

The dummy can be mounted to a permanent wall mount or portable mount stand. Stands sold separately.

The solid wooden trunk is standard 9" in diameter and 54" long. The arms are a total of 23" long with a 12" arm and 11" shank. These attractive and hard arms are well-onstructed from laminated oak. The leg is welded 14-gauge round steel and dips 70 degrees from the knee on the horizontal plane. The support slats are 7/8" x 2-1/4" x 60" solid oak. Every dummy comes with 4 stop blocks which are placed on either side of the dummy, top and bottom, front or back of the support slats about 1/2" out from the trunk to keep the dummy from sliding but allowing enough room for slight rotation. There are also numerous upgrades available for this type of muk jong.

This traditional type of dummy must be mounted to some type of support or a stand. We offer both a steel wall mount stand and a sturdy portable stand, but . . . in considering cost . . . you can save quite a bit of cash by building your own mount. 

You can customize your Wooden Dummy by upgrading parts such as the front kicking leg (to a laminated wooden leg), arms, applying custom painting, etc. Below is a description of standard options available on Great Lion dummies:

Upgrades Available for this equipment

1. Upgrade from a round steel leg to an unbreakable steel core wood laminated front leg.

2. Ugrade from the standard oak arms to hickoroy, black walnut, purple heart, and cocobolo, as well as your own personal selection of wood, e.g., you might want the arms made from ash, ebony, zebrawood, etc. Contact us for a separate quote for items not listed in the store.

3. Choose a different option for color. We offer black, brown, golden oak (standard), red, silver, and gold. Not only can you order a color change, but you can specify which parts of the dummy get the new color.

All Great Lion wooden dummies come in a traditional configuration with durable parts built for years of training. The standard color for these uniquely figured "stacked" JKD dummies is golden oak. However, we understand that one configuration does not fit all, so each and every dummy can be custom-styled to fit your needs by selecting various upgrade options for the trunk, arms, leg, etc.

ATTENTION: IMPORTANT INFORMATION --- When ordering a traditional dummy and stand, please order each item separately as these items together exceed the limits imposed by UPS's online weight calculation tools. If you put both of these items in the cart at the same time and try to check out, you will receive an error message and the transaction will not be completed.

WARRANTY INFORMATION---We rarely have warranty work, but it can happen even to the best made products. Our warranty on this product is as follows:

1. All dummy arms-----Ninety days from shipping date. Our philosopy is simple. If an arm doesn't break with normal use within ninety days of purchase, it's not likely to unless abused in some way (yes, some people do kick and use steel weapons on the arms or otherwise abuse them. Why would you pay that much money for a set of arms just to see if you can destroy or break them!?. Go figure.).

2. All steel legs or steel core laminated legs-----Unconditional lifetime warranty. If you can break them with normal use, I need to come take lessons from you!

3. PVC trunks-----One year warranty from shipping date. These trunks really hold up well with normal use so we are not afraid to offer this type of warranty. Of all the PVC dummies I have sold over the years, only one was returned . . . and that one cracked during shipment. Thanks UPS!!

4. Stacked wooden dummy trunks-----Lifetime warranty. Again, if you can crack or break one of these stacked trunks under normal use, I want to take lessons from you. The wood is hard and kiln-dried and the construction process used in our dummies minimizes any type of cracking in the trunk. By the way, since cracking is a normal process in aging wood, we do not warranty cracking in the wooden trunks. If you see a crack forming, get your wood paste out and fill the crack when it first appeaars. It will be a heck of a lot cheaper in the long run.

5. Buyer is responsible for any shipping charges incurred by warranty work. I haven't had any warranty work for several years, and I don't mind doing the work for free if necessary, but the buyer is responsible for any shipping charges involved in the warranty work. Please don't complain about having to pay shipping charges . . . it goes with the turf. Everyone in the wooden dummy manufacturing business requires the customer to pay for shipping charges for warranty work. If you purchased your dummy outside of the U.S., we can do repair work on other manufacturer's jongs.


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